SharePhone – synchronized virtual music listening

SharePhone – synchronized virtual music listening
Sharephone screenshot

Sharing earphones is romantic. Especially for a couple, sharing earphones is a wonderful thing because two people in the same place listening to the same music at the same time. While listening to music, they can read each other’s facial expressions, watch each other’s nodding, sing-along, and talk about how they like music instantly. Conversation brings new inspiration and they know exactly which song they should listen to next. This whole process gives them memorable moments because it’s about two people getting to know each other’s musical tastes and understanding their emotions. 


  • Playlist Synchronization

Listen to the same music at the same time even if you are not in the same place. Press “play” in one computer and it wil be played in two computers connected online.

  • Save Instant Messeging and Replay with music.

Talk about music, emotion, and life while listening to the music, share your feelings and SharePhone will save the moment for you with the music that has been playing. Replay your conversation with background music that was been played.

  • Interactive Playlist

 In SharePhone, a playlist is the result of two people’s interactions. Users will: select a set of songs, write a personalized review for his/her partner, see what your partner picks, and understand each other’s musical tastes.

  • Playful Playlist Visualization

Play with balloons floating around in the screen. A balloon stands for one song. It floats like the song and looks like the song. It shows you all informations of the song and your partner’s review when you grab it. Balloons shiver when your partner hums a melody and taps a rhythm on a mouse.

  • (hidden feature)

Share your personal reviews and responses with the world and make contributions to music information research just by listening to music.

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