SGLC, Live Coding Real-Time Notation

SGLC, Live Coding Real-Time Notation

SGLC : collaborative textual performance environment for laptop orchestra

SGLC is an extension of LOLC. In this extended environment, laptop musicians generated real-time music notation on the fly by typing commands in the environment and instrumental musicians sight-read the generated score for collaborative improvisation. Here the outcome of text-based interaction is real-time notation, not music. The generated music score is rendered in various forms so that it gives space for instrument performers to interpret (e.g., open-form score, such as graphical or textual score). The user study showed that the system effectively integrates acoustic instrument players into a mixed ensemble. We believe the idea of mediation can be easily transformed to a collaborative livecoding scenario. The outcome of live coding need not be generative music; it can be a medium to instrumental musicians.


You can donwload LOLC here.


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