Remo: Generating Interactive Tutorials by Demonstration for Online Tasks

People with limited digital literacy struggle to keep up with our increasing dependence on websites for everyday tasks like paying bills or booking flight tickets online. Remote methods of assistance from peers may help but at times leads to communication issues, due to a lack of shared visual context as people with low digital literacy are not acquainted with the terminology associated with web navigation.

To bridge the gap between in-person support and remote help, we are developing Remo, a web browser extension, which allows the helpers to create interactive tutorials with ease by demonstration. These tutorials will be embedded within a web page and will make use of visual cues to direct users to specific parts of the page based on the step of the task.

Remo aims to provide opportunities for people with limited digital literacy to complete online tasks by following the step-by-step and task-specific tutorials generated by their peers. Using Remo, we anticipate that the target population will be able to get personalized assistance, similar to in-person support, anytime they want and eventually learn how to complete broader online tasks independently. Remo can be a great stepping stone to help improve digital literacy which in turn will make web pages more accessible to complete tasks to older people, people with cognitive disabilities, and people who are new to the internet.

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